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WOW!! What a ride! 

In December of 2003, God told us to leave rural Idaho and  follow Him to Haiti. Nearly two and a half years later, we were  Haiti-bound on a flight out of Boise. It was June 8, 2006,  when we arrived in Port-au-Prince, with six children, two  dogs, and 27 bins of supplies in tow, and established our  new residence in Tabarre - just two miles from the Port-au Prince airport. In God’s grace, He blessed us with our 7th  child, Isabelle, just two months after our arrival. 

Who could have known what was before us?? As adoptive  parents, we were excited to be joining a fantastic adoption  ministry, but it was quite a jump from our rural way of life. 

Now, fifteen years later, we hardly know what to say. 

What we CAN say, with deep assurance, is that God IS  FAITHFUL. We’ve experienced many things in Haiti - with our  marriage, family, friends, and ministries. There have been  many amazing things, but also many crushing things. But, it  has been worth it! 

We praise God that he continues to work in our lives, our  children’s lives, and the ministry in Haiti. Our children are in  various stages of life, mostly adult life, with only Dom and  Belle still residing at home in Haiti. 

Andrew and his bride Dawn will be serving with RMI, a  ministry in Les Cayes, Haiti, while Andrew completes his Phd  in Higher Education with an emphasis on student learning  and response to nutrition.

Chelsey earned her medical degree from U.N.I.B.E. in Santo  Domingo, Dominican Republic, and is preparing to apply for  residency for her U.S. accreditation in September, 2021.  CoVid has thrown her a few curveballs, but God is faithfully  making a way for her. 

Katie Grace is doing life in Arizona. She continues to love  working with children, and is venturing into bookkeeping.  She keeps in close contact with all of us, with FaceTime  Video being her favorite mode of communication.  

Joe is currently living in Idaho. Joe was employed as a fire  fighter during the last fire season in the Northwest. He is  now working jobs in the Treasure Valley while preparing for  the upcoming fire season, and contemplating college. 

Ben has finished his first year at Ecola Bible College. As we  expected, he had a great year. He will be part of Ecola’s SMT,  traveling to camps in the Northwest to serve at various  church camps. Ben is considering a second year at Ecola,  he dreams of serving in the military or with the police. 

Dom has had quite a year. After being diagnosed with  Keratoconus last spring, he began wearing special contacts,  and we praise God that the degeneration has stopped for  now. Dom had the privilege of working construction for  several months last summer. Dom stays busy playing the  bass with the worship band at church, and working to  complete high school. He makes sure we don’t neglect to  watch television!


Isabelle is the “baby” of our family, but rapidly becoming a  young woman. She, like Chelsey, is a reader. Belle loves to  bake, sing, dance, and hang out with her friends. She 

continues to be content and grateful - which is such a  blessing. At 14, Belle is a great babysitter, and is working to  master Algebra in her studies. 

There have been many opportunities to serve in Haiti, and  God has continued to train and prepare us through each one.  We are grateful for the people who we have met - both those  who we have served with, and those who we have had  opportunity to serve. Grateful for the children and teenagers  who have resided with us; the many interns, short-term  teams, and families who have served alongside us; the  mountains of supplies which have been brought in for the  children’s home, school, and English Camp programs; and  the children and their families who reside in our  neighborhood. 

Now in our mid-fifties, married 32 years, with only two  children remaining at home, we look forward to seeing what  God has planned for the children’s home, school, and  English Camp programs. They all belong to Him, after all.  

Your prayers, for us to completely trust and obey our Savior  while being thankful in ALL circumstances, would be deeply  appreciated. 

May God be glorified as we seek to live our lives for Him.

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